School Meals

School Meals

Image result for food pngWe are pleased to announce that we are a School Food Authority, which means we make all the meals for the students from scratch at our location. They are all prepared following the NYS guidelines. Chef John makes sure the meals are prepared using proper food handling techniques while being balanced and nutritious. We are also happy to announce that we are a CEP (Community Eligibility Provision) location, which breakfast, lunch, and snack will be provided to ALL students for FREE. Each month parents will receive a school lunch menu. Our policy is all children have a well-balanced nutritious meal each day.If you plan on having your child bring lunch from home here are some healthy tips for ensuring your child has a proper nutritious meal: Meals should consist of a protein (chicken, beef or fish), whole grain (whole wheat bread or multi grain) fresh fruit, vegetable and Fat Free milk.If your child has severe food allergies we will do our best to accommodate your child but your child may be best served if you prepare his or her meal at home.  We can accommodate children with food disabilities with a letter from a doctor. 

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The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that grants parents five basic rights regarding their child’s school records:

1.  The right to review your child’s education records.

2.  The right to challenge any false or misleading statements in the records.

3.  The right to require the school to get written permission to disclose personal information in the record, except in those cases allowed by law.

4.  The right to be informed of your rights under FERPA.

5.  The right to file a complaint when these rights have been denied.

FERPA grants these rights to a student’s parents, including non-custodial parents or parents who do not live with their children, unless a court order forbids it. When a child turns 18, the parents’ rights under FERPA transfer to the student.

At SBCSICA, our teachers regularly use student assessment data to improve their teaching practice and learn from one another. Teachers use and share student achievement data across our school.

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