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Welcome to South Bronx Charter School!

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We are a dual-language school. We believe that a school vibrant with language, arts and culture is an ideal setting to turn young children into life long learners.

Walk down our halls and you will hear Spanish and English. On the walls you will see detailed essays and art work, some in Spanish some in English, on all the topics that we study as part of the standard common core curriculum, even science!

What sets us apart – and makes our students so successful – is that Spanish, language arts, history, culture and art are not just classes. They are part of everything we do. In X grade we learn about western expansion. In language arts we read fiction and non-fiction related to that era. In art class we make clay models of the canoes and wagons. We discuss the meaning of vocabulary words in English and then again in Spanish – each time deepening our understanding of what it all means.

Research has shown that elementary school is when students’ brains are most receptive to language. We take full advantage of this because we know that in today’s world, students that are dual-language and capable of understanding the world around them will be well positioned to succeed at whatever they put their minds to.



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